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At Dominican Baseball Camp we want to create a fun filled trip with memories that will last a lifetime. We guarantee you play against competitive baseball teams and we will share the Latin American culture with you.

Sam’s passion for baseball led him to the Dominican Republic after college. Curious how such a small island in the Caribbean could be home to so many great baseball players he decided to visit. He spent four months on the island practicing and playing baseball with the locals. He dramatically improved his baseball ability, picking up the Dominicans’ excitement, energy and electricity for the game. In 2007 he founded Dominican Baseball Camp to share the passion for baseball and culture with others. We focus solely on baseball tours and put our focus on customizing a trip to meet the needs of the client.

We are a top-notch baseball loving team. We are made up of former pro baseball players, business minded individuals and charismatic folk doing what we enjoy. We operate with a hands-on approach and can manage every aspect of your trip.