By Wade Denniston with

Guyabo, Dominican Republic — Braxton Jenson is big on helping others in need.

“It’s really important to me,” Jenson said. “I personally like service toward others. It helps others, and it also helps yourself, just to know that you helped somebody and made somebody’s life or day better by serving them.”

Which is exactly what Jenson did Tuesday afternoon in this sugar cane village located about a half hour outside of Boca Chica.

Jenson, along with 10 of his Logan High teammates and other Dominican Baseball Camp participants, painted a house for a community service project.

“It’s fun to be with pretty much what I call brothers and paint with the coaches, as well,” Jenson said. “Even the local guys came out and were helping on one of the sides. It’s nice to know we helped a little family who lives here and their house wasn’t painted when all the others were colorful and painted.”