LeBeau discusses passion for the game, people of D.R.

By Wade Denniston with NJnews.com

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Sam LeBeau is a big fan of the way baseball is played on this Caribbean island.

After graduating from college, the native of Virginia paid a visit to the island and immediately fell in love with everything about it — not just the baseball side of things.

Wanting to share the Dominicans’ passion for the game of baseball, as well as their way of life, LeBeau started the Dominican Baseball Camp in 2008.

Now, six years later, the camp, which consists of both U.S. and D.R. coaches, seems to be as strong as ever.

According to the camp’s website, the main goal of the camp is to “make this a memorable cultural experience that is fun and helps players improve.”

Eleven members of Logan High’s baseball team had the opportunity to participate in the week-long camp from July 19-25. Prior to one of the games earlier this week, The Herald Journal caught up with LeBeau, who is the camp’s liaison in the U.S.